Our Services

On Message Consulting can help your business in five key areas:
ü  Developing Communication and Change Plans - We work with you to develop the blueprint that steps you through a successful employee communication process.

ü  Leading Employees Through Change - We create communication that helps managers and employees understand what is changing, why it's changing and how it impacts their work. This results in employee buy-in and support.

ü  Educating, Training and Engaging Your Workforce in HR Programs - We have extensive experience in:
  1. Introducing new benefits and compensation programs
  2. Explaining changes to current Human Resource programs
  3. Increasing understanding/appreciation of existing programs
  4. Helping new hires understand their benefits/work policies.
We have important technical knowledge in a wide variety of HR programs, including retirement programs, health care plans, wellness programs, compensation programs (including sales and executive compensation) and performance management programs.

ü  Developing Compliance Communication - We develop Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) that are both user-friendly and ERISA compliant.

ü  Expert Project Management - We can manage your projects, both large and small, from beginning to end.